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"My Story.. I have been with network marketing for over 5 yrs. I know first hand the frustrations of not knowing what to do or where to start.. sound familiar. I have been a registered nurse for over 27 yrs and decided it was time for change.. but how.. well I self educated myself it and now have found a way to help others in their marketing.. The Prosperity Marketing System is the answer..Step by step video tutorial and much much more.. come be a part of a winning marketing team."
- Diana Kerekes


"If you're new to Internet/Network Marketing or consider it old hat Darren has hit it out of the park here! Everything including the kitchen sink is here! And the ability to personalize it to you or your business is awesome! Bottom line, Prosperity Marketing System has it all! Bill Skype: eworllib"
- Bill Rowe


"This system has been Great. I am able to build multiple online businesses all through the use of one site. The educational material has been very helpful and the traffic generation sites are working like a charm."
- Mike Cockrell


"Darren your a genius.. an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work in science, art, music, etc. Every time I turn around you create something better and better for us. I am proud to call you my mentor and friend. I love this system.. Do you use PMS in your Marketing? LOL (P)rosperity (M)arketing (S)ystem is the whole enchilada. Thanks again Darren. The Blakester Robert Blakely Skype: The-Blakester"
- Robert Blakely


"Quality program with excellent results."
- Robert Thomason


"I am a full-time Internet Marketer and I see many different programs and sponsoring systems on the Internet everyday. I don't get excited about marketing systems too easily. But The Prosperity Marketing System is AWESOME! It is very affordable and yet it can create a steady stream of income while you promote your primary MLM and build your list. Darren Olander has done a super job of creating this system that can work for ANYONE!"
- Aziz Jangbar


"Darren, Prosperity Marketing System is awesome! I'm getting lots of new leads and signups every day. What do I like most about PMS? Anyone can afford to join PMS and start making money right away. Thanks again! Stephen"
- Stephen Reso


"I must say with all of the online businesses out there, I very rarely look at something new. My arm was twisted to check out the Prosperity Marketing System, and what a surprise. Great job of putting this site together. You can not make it any easier for the beginner, and it's a strong system for the experienced!"
- Joe Kozak


"The title of my testimonial should be, Been There, Done That. I've been learning online network marketing now for a couple of years and I can confidently tell you that the minute you think you know it all in this business, thats the day you should quit. I've been in and seen more programs than I want to remember, Prosperity Marketing System is one of the very few that does what it says it does, no fluff, no hype and no games. This was the best money I've spent online in a long time."
- Paul Hines


"This is truly a win-win system. After you've presented a potential customer with your primary business, if they decide not to pursue it, you still have something of value to offer them. You can still maintain contact with them. Who knows, maybe at a later date your primary business may just be what they need. Plus if they decide to upgrade in this system, you have just made some additional funds to promote your business. Its a win for you and a win for them. I like this system and I think you'll like it too. Best wishes for a prosperous and happy new year, Barbara Holness"
- Barbara Holness


"I just joined Prosperity Marketing System, and I can tell you I'm amazed at the potential I see everywhere. I can't wait to get everthing set up to expand my business. I love the way the training is approached, being relatively new to the internet, your approach has put me at ease and I feel confident from the start. Thank You for the opportunity to grow. Earl Betz"
- Earl Betz


"Joe and Denise here and we say, well, Prosperity Marketing System has been worth every penny it cost to upgrade and more. Although I am good at HTML, Java script, PHP, CGI and building websites and marketing systems, I find PMS to be so friendly to learn and use that I couldn't help signing up and upgrading right away. All my new signups find this system so easy to use that it helps create tons of success all around. If you sign up and have a problem, I will be more than happy to work with you to make happen for you too. It is simply a "great" system for newbies and experienced marketers alike!"
- Joe and Denise Coon


"I have been in other marketing system programs that did not work for me. Since I started with Prosperity Marketing System, I have been totally encouraged. This system really works. The potential is awesome. In less that a month I have over 20 tour takers. This is exciting for me! You have to try it for yourself. Sandra"
- Sandra Harrigan


"I have been involved in online marketing for the the last 15 years. I feel Prosperity Marketing System is the best program available to help you make a above average income working online."
- Michael Holtz


"For $12 a month you get a complete system that is 100% automated and ready to build you unlimited 100% commissions. The built in training courses and compensation plan are both excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending this program to anyone who is serious about building an online business. In my experience based on more than eight years working online you simply cannot get better value for money than this.."
- nicholas hankey


"The "Prosperity Marketing System" Will help you build your primary business. It works well, I haven't found anything that I don't like about it. I'm sure you will be as impressed as I was. It has some great training videos that will help you learn how to use the program. Prosperity marketing seems to be one of the best programs that I have found. The owner of the program is very responsive an will answer your questions.Either via email or Skype! I find this site to be Genuine and honest a very rare commodity in todays Millions of Internet Scams. in conclusion I thank Darren for putting this program together. Regards Don.Goldwyn BullDog Marketing"
- Don Goldwyn


"I've seen many funnel programs that allow you to build several downlines but few to none of them give the kind of access and flexibility of the Prosperity Marketing System. Take it from someone that has tried the others, there's no reason to look any further. Just use the tools before you and your business will grow."
- Patrick Phenix


"Hi Darren, Out of the blue there you were....just what I was needing to add punch to a new website that I was putting the finishing touches too. Your graphics and sales messages are great, no problem for me to follow. I'm sure that even a Newbie can and will have no problem using this system to the hilt. Great price! Thanks,"
- Ed Eismon


"This system delivers the necessary components for a complete easy-to-follow income generating funnel online that's priced right."
- Benne Clark


"This is a great system when it comes to exploding your online income, by building multiple streams of income!"
- Tommy Olsson


"The Prosperity Marketing System has proven to be the best set of promotional tools I have come across in my 9 years of active Internet work. By simply inviting prospects to get the free trial, we were able to put in front of them all our other programs without any added cost. It is a truly valuable asset to any Internet Entrepreneur. If you are reading this message, please take the time to navigate through the entire site. Then decide to follow our group or, if you wish, purchase the Owner Add-on and customize it to fit your needs. One way or another, you will come out a winner. Regards"
- Jacques Jaime James


""I have joined Darren in this programs WHY? beause un-like all the others, Darren is a real person, always there for me always retruns emails. Looking everything over I have Tremendous Respect for His Marketing Skills. I have tried numerous marketing sites in my 5 years of Internet Marketing but I was never completely satisfied until I joined Prosperity Marketing System. I Believe Darren has covered all the bases and I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with this program... Thank you so very much Darren for being a stand-up kind of man, a really great person to net-work with. Rachelle/ Shelly4life"
- Shelly4life


"Looks like all my wasting of time and energy could have been shorten if I would have just gotten started with Prosperity Marketing System sooner. No time like the present! It is an excellent way to show others your programs and offers."
- Al Tillis


"The Prosperity Marketing System is the Best and simplest Online Money Making Program available, and you can try it out for 7 days completely free tour. Try PMS for yourself Completely FREE! Look forward to seeing you on the inside. To Your Success Bruce Madden Skype Me: ozthai"
- Bruce Madden


"Some of the Key components of Prosperity Marketing System that I believe are essential to success for online marketing: 1. Brand your self and not someone else. A lot of systems claim to do that but in my opinion none do it better than PMS. 2. Ability to quickly generate multiple income streams by promoting just one link - YOURS! 3. Choosing the programs that you want to promote is a very important part of this system which gives you a critical advantage over your competitors. Jim Watkins"
- Jim Watkins


"Hi Darren, You made a system where finally even internet challenged people can create their own success. Building their own mailing lists in aweber, GVO and others. That alone is worth GOLD!! Very well set up for the newbie and the internet pro. Step by step with audios, very easy to navigate and to handle. And it is far from being over priced. I only can recommend this everyone who want to make money from home, or need a system to help their existing downline and team and everyone else. Great Stuff!! This system is worth GOLD!! Take it and use it. No mistake about it...this is one of the best systems I have seen out there and I have seen so many since I'm online. Go for that system. You have nothing to lose but ALL to gain! Thanks!!! David Edmonds"
- David A Edmonds


"Your PM System is excellent, to show to all members How to Promote with the ViralCo-oP Trafic, Te results are phenomenal. One Word Thanks. Also i am using the System to give to my members all confidential information on the programs that are on my sites. With This system i have already make over $950 and many new members in the safe and paying money makers programs. Paying for months, Today we can Think BIG, and reach thousands others Clients. The best of the best, Cherryshares, Oilstructure and Red Orchic. We can place our eggs in your system and various opps, and all members can see my SECRET HOW to promote with 7 free money program to help all members to be free Financially Worldwide."
- Alain Andre




"Prosperity Marketing System (PMS) is the most effective and most flexible downline building tool I have ever used. I can plug in MY programs and REMOVE any program I don't want to promote. Also, I get a regular flow of cash from the FRONT END, so I make money with PMS whether people join my programs or not. The training courses are very clear and comprehensive so it is an excellent service whichever way you look at it - and PMS was the first "Plug In" program that worked for me."
- David Hurley


"Prosperity Marketing System has taught me to be even a greater online marketer.By providing me the tools and training needed for any online business. An easy to use system,affordable for anyone wanting to better themselves in business and highly recommended regardless of how much you know online about doing business online."
- Lisa Simpkins


"Invest in Prosperity Marketing It's a great way to get leads and build your business. Randy Felts."
- Randy Felts


"My name is Larry Franchi and I just joined Prosperity Marketing System, and I can tell you I'm amazed with all this program has to offer. This is such an exceptional value for only $12 per month. The training will help anyone who is serious about succeeding online. Thank you Darren for putting together such an extraordinary program. Your efforts will help so many people achieve their online goals."
- Larry Franchi


"WOW Darren, you have hit a home run! A simple, straight forward system that anyone can use. I desperately needed this 10 years ago. :) The list building feature and the ability for anyone to control the programs in the system get a A+++ from me!"
- Tony Tezak


"In a word - "WOW" Over the top quality and content. A MUST HAVE for anyone new to affiliate marketing as well as the pros. This site is what everyone has been looking for and more. Capability to customize, integrate, add, and remove is truly the ultimate marketing site. AWESOME Darren! You Rock!"
- Joel Canepa


"I am a widow, living in South Africa, and I know my only hope of earning a very necessary income is with ProsperityMarketingSystem. Darren is truly a man of integrity, who is always there with great mentoring, without which, there is no prosperity. He is so knowledgeable and is always willing to share his expertise with those who have enrolled. I am sincerely grateful to Darren for who he is and wish him massive success with all his undertakings. Sincerely - Marge."
- Marge Dods


"I have found this so easy to implement and my promotions are going well. The program really sells itself once your traffic hit the splash page. You can of course design and customise your own page to suit your own needs. This really is the easiest to advertise and propel your own business, and earn from multiple streams."
- Anthony Spencer


"I am so excited about Prosperity Marketing. Finally a complete system for newbies and experienced members alike. All one has to do is follow directions and poof ... instant learning. I've never seen anything this simple and complete. Thanks Darren. I look forward to helping people Prosper with the Prosperity Marketing System. Keep up the great work! Janet Legere Internet Training Expert"
- Janet Legere


"Darren - I help people create automated sales funnels resulting in multiple income streams. I highly recommend the Prosperity Marketing System to my clients as a turnkey funded proposal that you can use to market any income program of your choice. The sales process creates a desire for the prospect to progress to the next step and rewards the correct behavior by delivering increasing value at each stage in the process. This is a well thought out and perfectly executed system that delivers real results. Thank you for creating this amazing site! James Holmes - Owner"
- James Holmes


"Prosperity Marketing is a unique system that is designed to help anyone easily achieve online success"
- Steven Dinmore


"Hi and great to see you... I think that you might find this site a breath of fresh air since it is well laid out. If you go through the list on the left and fill in where you can you will get the most out of it. And that is what you are here for. Don't forget to get your autoresponder hooked up. Most important! You have probably been around the block in the Internet Marketing game and have bruises to prove it. Well, I have decided to concentrate on making this site work and I shall be promoting it on my own blog. So, all the best, Warmly, Malcolm George Patten"
- Malcolm Patten


"Hi I'm Chris Brown I would Like to say hello and thank you to everyone who have joined The Prosperity Marketing System. I have been on the Internet now for a number of years. I must say this program is certainly great value for money, both in the information and training you receive, and the earning potential that's available to you. Enjoy The Prosperity Marketing System and become a Student when you are ready to earn $24.00 every time somebody that joins your team upgrades and becomes a Student. Have a great day and once again thanks for joining. Chris"
- Chris Brown


"I've been involved in online marketing since 1995. Hands down, Prosperity Marketing System is the most effective marketing system I've found for training and getting your business going FAST! Kate Bourland"
- Kate Bourland


"Hi Darren, No doubts...this is the best system I have seen so far where we can build a multiple income streams with such a very low cost. I have seen your other programs but when I saw this one I did not hesitate to join immediately because this is the best I have seen in my online marketing experience. Building your own mailing lists while making money at the same time is WORTH GOLD!! Many...many...many thanks!!! Robert Jabas"
- Robert J


"Greetings... This System will Increase your Income... If you let it! Your results will support that statement. The most important concern is... the result you realize. That happens when you use this System. Do I recommend your using it? Yes! When... Now! My experiences over the past several years have caused me to come to this position. "Time is Money!" Don't waste yours! Nathan Pssst... I will help you any way I can... Use the System first!"
- Nathan Davis


"Revolutionary program! This is the one stop shop to building YOUR business. I am all about teaching my members how to promote themselves before their products its the first thing to achieving success. With Prosperity Marketing System you unlock the true power to building your income online. Simple to follow steps and an excellent layout system allows newbies and gurus alike to tap into untold amounts of traffic and cash for their business."
- Sean Supplee


"Talk about fast results... Prosperity Marketing System is really amazing... Wanna see your primary program finally get the focus that translates to more sells, you've found what you've been searching long and hard for... Prosperity Marketing is that Program..."
- Gregory Osborne


"The Prosperity Management System, Is awesome ! It has all the tools needed to build a substantial business online."
- Simon Colhoun


"The Prosperity Marketing System is very flexible! It's ideally suite for online marketers who wish to create some serious income sources for them selves with out spending a lot of time and money to receive a respectable cash flow. The system is loaded with value which can easily be made to produce a substantial income very quickly."
- Franto Hruz


"The Prosperity Marketing system has been unbelieveable. I just plugged in my primary business and started marketing the PMS capture pages. Payments are coming in like crazy. Anyone can do this. Go for it!"
- Danny Walker


"I've just upgraded to a Properity Owner member. I'm new to on-line marketing and need all the help I can get. Darren's system explains step-by-step everything I need to know to help me succeed in promoting my primary business."
- Jody Shumaker


"All I can say is Amazing. If you are new to the internet, this system will allow you to key in on the necessary tool that's necessary to be successful on the internet. Great job Prosperity Marketing System. keep up the fine work...Zuri J Word Independent Consultant With North American Power."
- zuri j word


""If You Build It They Will Come" Well, I have waited a long time to see a honest-to-goodness marketing system that puts all the needs of Internet marketers into such an awesome program - traning, traffic, list building and income opportunities of your own choosing. Could not ask for more. To Your Awesome Success James"
- Houseofmax


"I love the Prosperity Marketing System and the simplicity of having all my favorite programs in one place. Now, all I have to do is share one link and know that anyone who really wants to make money online can do that with 24/7 help using the training and help here in the system. Don't keep putting off what works!"
- Tammy Jones


"Hi, Living in East TN for 3 years now. I have one beautiful daughter and 3 lovely grandkids 10, 8 & 7. They are the reason I work sooo hard to make a living online. I work in the Oil & Gas Industry for the last 7 years. I make good money...6 figures. This is the best marketing system for the beats paying $100.00 per month. Awesome training...everything is laid out step by step. You can put in your own programs, like traffic exchanges, list builders and so on. My primary business is blooming 97 paid sign ups in less than a month. Easy system to market and train your downline. I've been a member for less than a month...can't wait until next month!"
- Tommie McNeill


"The Prosperity Marketing System is Pure Gold! The system simply works!"
- Richard Daigle


"Since joining the prosperity marketing system within my first week as a prosperity owner I generated ten tour takers and that's great, also never seen a system in all my years that I have been doing network marketing that is so powerful,and so unique that is affording people the opportunity to build and expand there primary business or programs. This system is highly recommend to anyone that are looking for a system to join and promote there primary business or programs. Elton George"
- Elton George


"I was skeptical in making money online. But when I joined PMS. I thought this is a very good opportunity. I started it out as tour taker and upgraded to student. There is no stopping now. PMS is by far a great way to earn unlimited income online. Thanks God."
- Lloyd C.


"After seven years online with some successes and LOTS of failures the penny Finally dropped! NO ONE out there is looking to buy into your latest 'GET RICH QUICK in 25 minutes' biz op! What they ARE looking for is HELP to become MORE successful in the business they are already in and so I now concentrate in adding value to whatever they are already doing and my own success has started. Now that I have found PMS with all the tools, training AND the facility to promote my own things I have found GOLD at the end of the Rainbow! This is a superb site and I recommend ANYONE looking at this NOT to hesitate but GRAB it with BOTH HANDS FAST. Thank you Darren for PMS"
- Richard Avon


"Hi I have finally found a program with Prosperity Marketing that has huge value in terms of Income Building and a complete training program for online marketing. Prosperity offers so many things that others don't have. I strongly reccommend this program to marketers of all levels."
- Michael Rowe


"It's really an opportunity that I found this Free Money Making Website That Very Easy To Learn especially for the person like me with no internet marketing experience, no website, no computer techie, no business experience and without a ton of start up capital. The free training made me more knowledge, and now I am doing marketing as an affiliate marketer which I have never imagine that I could do. Thanks' to Free Site Sign Up Sumani"
- Sumani


"Hey Darren, your site is a revolutionary all-in :) Every e-marketer's dream! We all thank you :)"
- Laszlo Palinkas


"WOW! This is the hottest thing since sliced bread! What can I say? I've been a BIG proponent of Funded Sponsoring systems during my entire career, but this takes the cake! The problem with most of them is that most of it is "cookie cutter" and designed to enrich the system OWNER! The Prosperity Marketing System is unlike any other system in the DEGREE of customization possible. This is IT, Guys! The complete, yet personal marketing system that will fit more people and be more comfortable to use for both yourself ... AND your downlines. Thanks sooooo much for this. I appreciate it like you wouldn't believe ... and so does Monty! This will be the way my entire organization builds their businesses from now on! Steve Gaghagen Internet Marketing Expert & Trainer Big Bear Lake, California"
- Steve Gaghagen


"Hey Darren, I was sitting back wondering what was cooking in your fryer the other day, then when you came out with this new system---I rushed over to my blog and added it right away! Geez dude...stop shocking me like that -- but thanks anyways :) Like most knowledged marketers, I take 90% of what I see online with a grain of salt, with YOUR new Prosperity Marketing salt OR gravy needed, and I can't wait to send it off to my own lists later today. This is like a breath of fresh air...thanks again Darren --- You Da Man! Glen"
- Glen Persson


"I wish a system like Darren's existed when I first started out online. It would have saved me lots of time and prevented many mistakes I made along the way. The info and training here help provide a solid foundation for your business and if you're just starting out or need some additional income streams, "PMS" has you covered."
- Ryan Hogan


"My name is Paul Kline and I have been doing Network Marketing for about 10 years. I have seen a lot of Marketing Systems and tried several. Some are pretty good but there always seemed to be a missing link somewhere. What I am seeing in Prosperity Marketing System is that all the pieces are in place and here I see a complete integrated system that will work. I am excited to get the entire system set up and creating more leads and prospects for my business. Thanks Darren for all the time and effort that has gone into creating theis system."
- Paul Kline


"The Prosperity Marketing System is exactly what I've been searching for in the last several months. You can promote it or your primary business or BOTH of course. You need a great way to capture your leads and you should be sharing these tools with your new team members so they get paid and learn as well. Jump on in there, integrate with your existing autoresponder and get going! Welcome aboard..."
- Kevin Mallory


"When I saw that Darren had developed "Prosperity Marketing System", I eagerly jumped in. This is a tremendous program for anyone, but especially for newbies. I have always had great success with Darren's other sites such as...List Jumper, List Domino, Build My Downlines and especially his Allnetworkers Team System. I expect this to be no less and I really like the ability to add so many programs to the Downline Builder. GREAT JOB! Johnny Baxter Free Text Ads 4 U This Ads 4 U Biz Adz 4 U Earners Unite"
- Johnny Baxter


"I have been using the Prosperity Marketing System for quite sometime now, and it has helped me to generate much more income from my home based business. The capture pages I have created with this free system are converting like crazy and adding a minimum of 20 New Prospects to my mailing list on a daily basis. This Marketing System Rocks! To your success, Michael Pilcher"
- Michael Pilcher


"I have built my ENTIRE online business on Ethics and Honesty. The most important thing for me is to share only valuable information that will truly help others succeed. Online advertising, marketing tops $100 billion annually. Prosperity Marketing System is designed so You Can Earn revenue from this ever-expanding industry, bringing advertisers and viewers together. PMS is a system designed to build subscribers into your marketing list plus gives you the tools and resources for building a Business of your choice. PMS pays out 100& commissions with a free 7-day trial then only $12 dollars monthly! Ned More Leads for Your Business? Click My Link Below Simple, Easy System Injects Your Business With...up to 1,000 Leads Daily!!!"
- Ed Sandoval


"If you're new to Internet Marketing, the system will take you right through the steps you need to follow in order to make money online. You'll learn to do it the right way without wasting hours upon hours figuring it all out by yourself. If you already know how to do it but lack the tools and products to build your marketing funnel, the system will serve you well and will give you the means to present your primary business at the right time. Clearly laid out and easy to use."
- Brigitte Richard


"Way to go Darren! This is one of the most comprehensive sites that I have had the privilege of being associated with. The training videos are fantastic and provide detailed information on a variety of topics that will assist any self employed online business professional in advancing their business. The one stop marketing site allows me and others to promote products with ease while earning money. You have made life much easier...thank you!"
- Dorothy Pugh


"The Prosperity Marketing System is a real gem! Darren has even provided training videos to make set up so easy. It is a great way to promote the programs you are in and get results. I highly recommend upgrading to an owner member to see greater monthly income."
- Jeani Morrison


"Prosperity Marketing System is the best money generating program today and we gladly put our name to it guaranteeing you success. Not only that, P.M.S. has helped us to succeed online with the excellent Training and Marketing Tools provided.We are So happy,we are building our Own List(not someone elses)with the aid of P.M.S. That is worth it's weight in Gold to all Marketers! So join now! Thanks Darren and well done! :)"
- Wendy & Tony


"Prosperity marketing system will help you build your primary business. It works well, I haven't found anything that I don't like about it. I don't know why I waited to join it. It has some great training videos that will help you learn how to use this program. Prosperity marketing seems to be one of the best programs that I have found. The owner of the program is very responsive to your questions. He answers your support tickets right away. Keep up the good work Darren. thank you Joyce Radford"
- Joyce Radford


"This is a fantastic marketing tool. I recommend PMS to anyone looking to increase their bottom line $$$ Really people this is an excellent marketing tool. Grab it while you can. This PMS has been the best marketing tool I have found to date."
- Ken Pringle


"Hi, My name is Maria Angelozzi. I am a PROUD member of Prosperity Marketing. I have been online for 7yrs now, and have to say, this has got to be the very best, Marketing system, I have ever come across. Everything is spelled out for you, step by step, and it is the easiest system to implement. I want to encourage anyone who may have thought to join Prosperity Marketing, and may be hesitating, for whatever reason or another to get in NOW! Don't wait like I did, because since I joined, I have been asking myself, time and time again, what was I waiting for! If you are serious about Succeeding Online, this system will certainly enable you to achieve your goal! To OUR Success!"
- Maria Angelozzi


"I am totally amazed with the Prosperity Marketing System! In my first two weeks I have had several sales of the System itself and upgrades to my Primary Business! Plus, I was building my list at the same time. And all of this just by following Darren's simple video instructions and Free advertising resources found in the PMS! I highly recommend the Prosperity Marketing System to everyone who is serious about making money online.."
- Goran Koncos


"I have been doing Internet Business for many years and found that only a handful of opportunities do work, this being one of them. Action is the key word for success, Take action TODAY and join this offer, It's free so you can build up your income and then pay the minimum membership if you want to continue to bring in a nice flow of extra income. I look forward to my next monthly income with this system"
- Stephen


"Prosperity Marketing System is just that, its a system that helps you, guides you to prosper online, it has all the right tools for you to do this,and everyone can and will make money with this system, I can imagine this System will be a huge wealth builder for the net. Thank you Prosperity Marketing System! :)"
- Thomas Richmond


"Making money online with this system has been a revalation, i tried it out for 7 days, all i can say is Wow! Thankyou so Much Doug Hearn"
- Doug Hearn


"The Prosperity Marketing System Will Take A Person From Failure To Massive Success. Darren, You Have Created A Life Changer! People Will Now Be Able To Brand Themselves, Build A Huge List, And Create Multiple Streams Of Income All From Within The Prosperity Marketing System. Darren, You Always Produce Winners!!! Bill Connelly Aka: CashFlowDude Skype: givemesuccessonline"
- Bill Connelly


"As an owner of my own viral program .I have to say this is the most complete training and tools site online today .This site makes online success possible for any one. Great job Daren."
- Bill Kendall


"Wow Darren... This time you have really outdone yourself. I have been using several of your other sites on a daily basis and find them very useful and effective marketing tools, they really work and bring in results. This however is one of the best sites I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot :-) I really love the "flow", the way you guide from start to end. You explain the features in such a way that anybody can setup their perfect system. What can I say, it's elegant, educational, inspirational and easy. I also love the way the system can be customized. However, customization isn't necessary as you have included a selection of the very best resources that are out there. With all the noise and hype today it's a relief to get a complete system that covers all you really need to prosper on the net. Prosperity Marketing System will definitely be my platform for the future growth of my business. I highly recommend it to everybody. Sincerely Rune F CEO MlmProNews"
- Rune Fjortoft


"After being in the direst sales for over 30 years it came to me that the biggest problem was lack of training. Here at PMS it has given me a platform to share what I have learned over the past 30 years. Many thanks to Darren Olander for putting this system together. It has given me new enthusiasm for this industry"
- Irv Krick


"I have been a follower of Darren Olanders for quite some time. Darren is somebody who totally and honestly throws himself into his work. He really does want YOU to succeed. I have found success with Darren and that is why I strongly suggest Prospect Marketing System to anybody who really wants to earn from home. You WILL see results. Take the time to learn it, apply it and then don't be surprised when you start earning from it."
- Elizabeth Smith


"Darren nevers ceases to amaze me. His sites are top quality and this one tops them all! It has everything you need to succeed online - all in one place.... Marcy McManaway"
- Marcy McManaway


""As a complete newbie to the Prosperity Marketing System, I am optimistic already seeing the potential of this venture. It literally puts money into your pocket! Right now there are several ways to promote all my ventures, from my primary business, e-books, Traffic etc Certainly I am set to make lots of returns with this awesome program! Plus, there are a multitude of educational materials, especially videos on how to use your computer and the site for marketing. Prosperity Marketing System is such platform that guarantees successful online business. I recommend this awesome system for everyone who wants to succeed. You can't ask for more""


"I have to say that the Prosperity Marketing System is very nice! It will help build your primary business and several of your favorite programs as well. This site is very well organized and the training videos are very good! I don't know why I waited to join, but I am very happy I did! If you are thinking about it, my advice is to just go for it! Be sure to become an owner member for increased monthly income! Darren is an excellent admin and answers support question very rapidly! Thanks Darren, nice job! Keep up the great work! I love it!"
- Joe Sansoucie


"I am Very Happy with Service I have Recieved Here With the Prosperity Marketing System! I would Recommend this to anybody who is looking for a Solid Streamlined Marketing Funnel for which ever program your involved in!"
- Micah Wallace


"There's no ifs or buts about need a good marketing system in place in order to market effectively online. After doing my due diligence it was an easy choice! The "Prosperity Marketing System" has everything you need and is hands down the BEST available for achieving online Success!"
- Bob Brown


"As seasoned network marketing coach and a leader within my business with members in over 20 countries around the world, I understand the value of a funded proposal system such as the Prosperity Marketing System. I have tested and used many over the years and the only constant thing for me was to return to the Prosperity Marketing System for reliability and true guidance on how to build your list and promote your brand in an ethical way. I recommend you take a plunge and maximise your marketing protential through this remarkable system Best to you Pete"
- Pete Chapman


"Today I want to tell you why I chose Prosperity Marketing created by Darren Olander as my number one tool for generating leads. We all need to show people how to use tools to market their business, no matter what their primary business is. I looked for three weeks with one thing in mind. What gives my leads a real way to market themselves whether they join me in my business or not? I probably found and looked at 50 tools, until I found this one. After a trial period, all of them wanted at least $30 a month average. One more thing we are supposed to shell out money for --I was determined even if I had to build it myself--to help people get the tools all in one place. Prosperity Marketing is my home. Darren has so many videos to train us, as he walks you through the steps to set up the system."
- Debra Hellman


"I am a retired senior citizen. I have been seeking online marketing success for about eight years. When I got out of bed this morning, I was thinking that I need a marketing system with characteristics like those of the Prosperity Marketing System. I believe the Holy Spirit was preparing me for what I would find later today while surfing for credits. When I was doing my surfing today I came across the Prosperity Marketing System again. But this time I really saw it for the first time, even though I had already submitted my personal info at an earlier time. I have confidence that the Prosperity Marketing System may be the exact program that I need to build my online business downlines. I have spent so much money on programs that did not work. I also need more guidance in the area of setting up and using auto responders and building lists. I am planning to give the Prosperity Marketing System my most diligent attention and effort. PerryJgsr"
- Perry J Gibson, Sr


"The Prosperity Marketing System is the best residual income plan I have seen. I recommend you check it out at least for the 7 day free trial to see it work for yourself. Fred Woodbridge, VA (703) 203-4648"
- Fred Raley


"Darren, You are ruining my life, but in a good way:) I just spent some time inside Prosperity Marketing playing around in the members area and putting in my primary business plus all of my favorite list mailing sites and I slipped in a few other things too. I am now calling your site: Freedom is Just Another Word for Prosperity Marketing. This is like having your own script to promote your own programs in it and you are giving it away for a song. Super, Super Job. I give this my ten * star* recommendation and I will let my lists know about it over and over again Jane Mark JPE Advertising Sokule, Inc"
- Jane Mark


"Prosperity Marketing System is the answer... Yes, the answer to all hurdles and obstacles for earning a solid income online. From 2009 to present PMS has delivered value, education, and a steady stream of residual income. The low point of entry has given the residual factor a serious boost."
- Robert Thomas


"I've just signed up and see this system as a direct roadmap to success."
- Melvin Newson


"Looks like Darren’s done it again. There is something for everyone in PMS, expertly described in video and/or text. I am looking forward to giving up the day job. See you on the inside, John."
- John Priestley


"Hi, I'm Ray Harris, I have been trying to find a system that will help me to develop an income online. Please, don't make the mistakes that I have...I bought one program after another, until I was almost broke. But, once I found the Prosperity Marketing System, I knew that I had come full circle. Just follow the system step-by-step. Don't skip ahead. Take your time and do it right and you will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts. I'm just an email away if you need any help, reach out to me at: Ray Harris"
- Raymond Harris


"Darren - Your Prosperity Marketing System is Just what I have been looking for. As has been said before this is truly a No Brainer. There is truly nothing else out there in a Funded Proposal, Internet Marketing System that comes anywhere close to providing the capabilities that this system provides. I absolutely love the clear directions, the simplicity of each step and the self branding capabilities. There are are so many places to brand self and at same time it truly helps me grow my team with my philosophy. And the price just can't be beat. I have experience with systems that charge 5 times this amount just to get started. This is truly a valuable system. You have really out done yourself Job Well Done. Gregory Burrus Automated Business Solutions Coach Because Your Success Is Mandatory Now"
- Gregory Burrus


"I have No Idea why everyone thinks then need to join all them Traffic Exchanges for ? This one is ... YOURs One of the most creative downline builder out there...... You do it.. you make it.. you sell it.. YourWay........ For the PRICE you will NOT fine another one close to it ..,, Bill - Your very own customized downline builder..."
- Bill FlintBiz


"The Prosperity Marketing System is a Great, New, All-in-one, training system for anyone wishing to succeed online for now and the future! The Tools and Bonus' ALONE (which are exclusive) in the membership makes the small price to join an Absolute STEAL! This is a 'must-have' arsenal if you are serious about your online progress! Many Thanks Darren. You have 'cracked' it here. A true golden nugget found in a field of hay. Adrian.G."
- Adrian.G.


"If you want to make money with your own online internet home business If you are new to this and don't know where to start,then become a Prosperity marketing student,you will learn what are the basic needs to start, and then you will have access to lessons on marketing and traffic generation. You will have written lessons plus audio-video lessons,and in a very short time you will be making money and teaching others how to do the same Just follow the steps and you will be a successful marketer"
- Don Jones


"Internet Marketing's Hidden secret... Prosperity Marketing System. You really need it!!!"
- Trevor McNamee (trevonline)


"After endless months trying to put it all together, I failed and I failed again and again. Then Darren found me with his wonderful Prosperity Marketing System. He took me by the hand and continues to take me by the hand, teaches, shows me the right way. If only I had found this a year ago, or should I say if only Darren had found me! William H. Stoner- Tennessee"
- William H. Stoner


"I'm impressed how the Prosperity Marketing System helps me showcase my primary business and favorite programs. I recommend upgrading as an owner member to boost your income to the maximum."
- Eric Lafontaine


"Like so many people, I grew tired of worrying how the bills would get paid every month. I grew tired of working a job I didn't really enjoy, and that I knew would never create the life I wanted and deserved. But there was nothing worse than going to bed every night with the feeling that what I was reaching for, felt so far away. So I decided to do something about it. Believe it or not, that decision alone did wonders for me. It gave me a feeling of control and hope that I never felt working a J.O.B. Fast forward 10 years and I found the Prosperity Marketing System, and things really started taking off! If you are not familiar with the term "funded proposal" look it up and then hurry back and put these tools to work marketing whatever it is that you're marketing."
- Vernon Hayes


"I have joined Darren in several programs and always had Tremendous Respect for His Marketing Skills. I have tried numerous marketing sites in my 5 years of Internet Marketing but I was never completely satisfied until I joined Prosperity Marketing System.I Believe Darren has covered all the bases and I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with this program... Great Job!!!!"
- Jim Sullivan


"The Prosperity Marketing System is the simplest most duplicatable "system" I have ever seen! From experts to beginners everyone can benefit in a system like this! Fantastic!"
- Laura Reeves


""After endless months trying to put it all together, I failed and I failed again and again. Darren - I can now help people create automated sales funnels resulting in multiple income streams. This system has been Great to be able to build multiple online businesses all through the use of one site What You really need to be effective is the Prosperity Marketing System... !!!"
- Deborah Barton-Birden


"The Prosperity Marketing System simply ROCKS. Enough said!"
- Jose Garriga Jr


"This Prosperity Marketing System is exactly what I needed to bring all the pieces together and create a cohesive platform my team can immediately plug into and start earning and learning."
- Willie Lowery


"Kudo's Darren, Every so often a person has to step back and realize the POWER of the internet and it's capabilities. The rare moment you find the diamond in the rough at just the perfect time you grab hold, never let go and then tell the WORLD about the treasure you just found. In a nutshell...Prosperity Marketing is that precious diamond. Joining PROSPERITY was a no brainer...hands down, this is why I enjoy this industry...Ultimate perfection in a SYSTEM. No hype, just facts in how to EXPLODE your business the right way. All the best, Sean Trask"
- Sean Trask


"WOW Darren, I'm just wandering around PMS in total amazement (a little star struck) DOUBLE WOW I just had one of students from PMS join my primary business and instantly made a purchase and he wants to use my site as his primary business. Not only am I just making great commissions here but I'm making sales at my primary businesses! Ridiculous (in a good way)! This site is so amazing and absolutely a place "EVERY" online marketer, website owner should be or become a member of. The customized downline builder is really amazing and I'm taking full advantage of it. Thanks sooo much!"
- Stacy McArthur


"Welcome to Prosperity Marketing System, where Training, Personal Branding, and Income Builders help you obtain a steadily increasing flow of leads into your Primary Business. This site works for you! And with 100% commissions, you need only one or two referrals and your membership is paid for. After that, Prosperity Marketing System is a money maker. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Best of success to you."
- Peter Oakley (aka: "Tame Bear")


"Prosperity Marketing System ROCKS! Seriously, this is a great system to build your list, promote your business, and learn how to succeed online. My name is Nina Nestoroff, and I've been working online for several years. I really love what Darren has put together here for us. If you're looking for a way to really build, with a simple system, look no further than Prosperity Marketing System."
- Nina Nestoroff


""Hello Darren, No doubts...this is the best system I have seen so far where we can build a multiple income streams with such a very low cost. I have seen your other programs but when I saw this one, I was skeptical to join. Well you PROVED me wrong! This is the best I have seen in my online marketing experience. Only one I will use. This is AWESOME! Building your own mailing lists while making money at the same time is WORTH GOLD!! Many...many...many thanks!!!"
- Portia Williams


"Hey Darren, I just finished taking a look at your latest creation Prosperity Marketing System and I have to say it, Prosperity Marketing totally rocks! You guys really hit the ball out of the park with this one, as usual! I know for a fact that people are going to absolutely LOVE this, I mean, what's not to love! I've seen it, I've used it and I LOVE IT! Keep up the great work, and thank you for introducing me to this awesome software!"
- Walter Wilson


"Prosperity Marketing System is the perfect tool for building ANY online business. I am so glad I finally found a system that actually works and an owner more interested in our success than his own pocketbook. Thanks!"
- Dick Moore


"Darren is the "Master Of Innovation." For all you newbies out there, this is the guy to follow if you want to learn how to succeed online! Brad Webb"
- Brad Webb


"Hello My name is Enrico Jenko. I have been a big fan of network marketing and affiliate marketing for many years.
It wasn't until I found the magic of working with a true funded proposal marketing system did I truly begin to work my business instead of always having to work in my business. A HUGE difference.
Prosperity Marketing System is everything needed to market and present your opportunities. My income increased dramatically by the tune of 400% monthly as soon as I began using the system.
I am sure if you work the system it will work for you. I would love to help you through the rough patches and help you become profitable.
You can contact me on SKYPE anytime enrico.jenko1."
- enrico jenko


"The Prosperity Marketing System is probably one of the best list builder systems about. I find it easy to use and easy to get new members. The splash pages I have created with this free system are converting like crazy.I'm impressed how the Prosperity Marketing System helps me showcase my primary business and favorite programs. I recommend upgrading as an owner member to boost your income to the max... Thankyou Darren!"
- Paul Messina


"The amount of content and the value for money are brilliant .The training program videos are easy to take in and the system provides everything needed by ALL Online Business Operators.Simple to use but so powerful and very high quality products and service . OVERALL 5 Star Premium Product and Service. Definately be upgrading. Go Darren & Thank's."
- Max Pro


"Hi I'm Albert Groenen I would Like to say welcome and thank you all who have joined The Prosperity Marketing System. I have been on the Internet now for over a year. I must say this program is certainly great value for money, both in the information and training you receive, and the earning potential that's available to you. Enjoy The Prosperity Marketing System and become a Student when you are ready to earn $24.00 every time somebody that joins your team upgrades and becomes a Student. Have a great time and once again thanks for joining. Albert""
- Albert Groenen


"I work from home using my computer. Affiliate Marketer, Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing throughout social networks, classified directories, traffic exchange and solo ads. Business Development is my main Priority. I'm liking what Prosperity Marketing System has to offer for the affiliates and payed members. I'd recommend this program to any of my downlines and to the Internet Marketers, as well as the New Marketers in the Business. PROSPERITY ROCKS!"
- Mike Savage Jr.


"OMG !!! Never before have I made money online so fast. My first week after I joined I got my first sale. I than got another sale and from than on I was sold that Prosperity Marketing System really works. I promise you that if you commit to 90 days without giving up you will be glad you did. YOU WILL MAKE MONEY... If I can do it, you can too. All Things Are Possible If You Believe"
- Eric Cross


"Darren Olander's Prosperity Marketing System will help shorten YOUR learning curve by teaching YOU the skills and giving YOU the resources to properly market YOUR opportunities. I wish this system had been around 10 years ago when I started my career!"
- Randy Ritter


"I have to Say this is such an Awesome System As soon as I seen It I joined what a No Brainer. If your A Newbee or a Seasoned Vet you can Glean some Great marketing Ideas to build your Online Empire. Pete Balasch Jr the Xyour925job Guy"
- Pete Balasch Jr


"Wow what a fantastic tool and earning opportunity! Prosperity Marketing System is an impressive way to earn an income. Thanks Darren"
- Wayne Parks Sr


"Holy cow BATMAN, I made a sale! Thank YOU Prosperity Marketing System for making that possible!I was ALL over the place before joining this system,now, with your step by step plan, I am getting WAY better with my Online Marketing and seeing REAL results! I have PMS and I love it! Herbert Thompson Jr."
- Herbert Thompson Jr.


"The Prosperity Marketing System has stood the test of time. I was hesitant about joining at first, but I'm glad I did. It made a HUGE difference in my Home Based Business. I'm building my own email list, growing massive downlines, Making Money, and it's all done Automatically. To Prosperity, Scott"
- Scott Hugo


"I really like the awesome potential of Prosperity Marketing System and the traffic generation methods which can be employed and the fact that is an organised traffic system and very viral in nature so referrals in my other programs can be much easier just advertising one promo link for PMS."
- Mike Larter


"I have recently joined the Prosperity Marketing System,and I am very excited about the potential and growth of this site to increase my marketing success.In less than one (1) week I have a total of 20 tour takers,two owners,and one (1)student.Prosperity Marketing System,from my opinion is the best Funded Proposal, programs that I have ever found.There is truly nothing else out there in a Funded Proposal, Internet Marketing System that comes anywhere close to providing the capabilities that this system provides to our business owners. were born to win and to be a true leader.Keep setting the barriers!!!Thank you again Darren I highly recommend PMS to everyone. Sincerely Lloyd P"
- Lloyd Petersen


"What a system. Right from the get go you are hit with all the benefits and blown away by the video presentation which makes joining a MUST. The simplicity of the members area and personal branding give this a 2 thumbs up! Awesome system!"
- Anthony Tomei


"I love this system because it flat out Works!! It is very simple and I am really happy that I found it. I have been doing marketing online for almost 10 years and I really was doing allot of bouncing around and not making much money. That has all changed with Prosperity Marketing System. It has been a simple 123 system. 1. Have your primary or use frontend of PMS 2. Put your Aff. ID's in and use PMS tools 3. Get traffic to your urls It is that simple and it's affordable! Thanks Darren Olander. You rock!! To Your Success Mike G."
- Mike Griffith


"There are many marketing systems out there, but this is definitely one of the easiest to implement."
- Christopher Matthews


"The Prosperity Marketing System is one of the best list builder systems about. I find it easy to use and easy to get new members."
- Tony Cross


"Hi Darren, WOW, this is just what I was looking for a program where I can change the links to what I want people to see, this is very innovative break through stuff thank you for Prosperity Marketing and may we all Prosper,"
- Stanley Tsoumas


"Prosperity Marketing system is keeping me focused as well as heloing me grow my Primary Business.Thanks Darren for this life changing platform"
- Alan Holmes


"Fellow Members and Guests, My first reaction to this money making program was one of excitement because I always look for simplicity and Care and Consideration for a programs members; this program provides it all. I am now into my second day of the program and have enjoyed listening to Darren’s tutorial videos and the personal communicating with my direct sponsor via and my downline ‘Prosperity Marketing’ affiliate members. To Our success. Warm regards: Joseph."
- Joseph James


"Darren and all my fellow entrepreneurs: I have been an online entrepreneur since Sept.18.2008 I started with a $22.00 Program and have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to make something work. Nothing was putting money in the bank or helping pay the bill's. Not until I joined Prosperity Marketing System. This program has done so much for me. It's not all about just making the 'Money' which this program is truely the only program which actually pays me and pays me alot. But it's also about education and learning. And, there is No other program on the market today that will Teach You Like Prosperity Marketing System Teaches You. I owe everything to this system and to Darren for putting together such a great program. Thank You Darren For All Your Hard Work. Bennie Bryant, Jr."
- Bennie Bryant, Jr.


"This must be one of the easiest programmes to set up and understand.. The tutorials are very clear and detailed, Darren has done a first class job in putting this program together.. I have found that if we have a problem and need support quickly Darren has always responded very quickly and problem solved usually within an hour.. I highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to understand and succeed on-line.."
- Robin Fraser


"Hi Darren, you made a system where finally even internet dummies can create their own success. Building their own mailing lists in aweber, getresponse and others. That alone is worth GOLD!! Very well set up for the newbie and the internet pro. Step by step with audios, very easy to navigate and to handle. And it is far from being over priced. I only can recommend this everyone who want to make money from home, or need a system to help their existing downline and team and everyone else. Great Stuff!! This system is worth GOLD!! Take it and use it. No mistake about it...this is one of the best systems I have seen out there and I have seen so many in the past around 12 years since I'm online. How you doing that :-) LOL Go for that system. You have nothing to lose but ALL to gain! Thanks!!! Frank Astheimer"
- Frank Astheimer


"Darren...Let me tell you this..when i landed on the Prosperity Marketing System...I had about 12 tabs opened in my browser and my plate was full already with soooo many other businesses. Something attracted me to opt in and boy I never regret it...this system rocks, PERIOD!"
- Magdi Mikhail


"I have been working online since 2007 when I retired. Prosperity Marketing is the easiest and best way I have found since then to earn a reliable income online. Don't believe the money overnight BS. It doesn't exist but with just a little work on your part, you can make an unbelievable income. Don't think about it, just sign up, take action and watch your bank account grow."
- Vernon Rudolph


"The Prosperity Marketing System is one of the most intelligently conceived marketing systems I've ever encountered! The concepts are presented with precision and crystal clarity and have been uniquely responsible for an exponentially growing flood of traffic, subscriptions, conversions and "autopilot" income from multiple sources. While the lemmings leap blindly from one fly-by-night "opportunity" to the next, PMS immediately engages every marketer on the Internet by providing for the one thing that remains constant: a reliable way to grow your most profitable downlines. Joining PMS is the best decision I've made in many years of Internet marketing. And the program just keeps getting better! Thanks, Darren, for making this extraordinary system available."
- Steve Laycock


"I have just joined the Prosperity Marketing System, and I am very excited about the potential of this site to increase my marketing tenfold. It is one serious money maker! There are so many ways to promote all my ventures, from my primary business, e-books, Traffic Exchanges and other programs, that I am bound to make lots of profit with this jewel of a program! Plus, there are a multitude of educational videos on how to use your computer and the site for marketing. In conclusion, you can only win with this program, so join now and feel the potential for yourself!"
- Andrea Gilgulin


"Well Darin looks like you have done it again. I was making plenty of money on your other site now it looks like you are just going to be making me even more money. Keep up the good work so that you help me get those riches I so hoped for. Jeff"
- Jeff Parker


"The Prosperity System works. I'm using it to build my business. The training is the best I have found online that will guide you in how to build a successful business."
- John Elley


"I am so excited that I finally found a marketing system that I can really say work well for me. When I think about how much money and time I wasted. Lesson learn! Now I'm happy!"
- Barbara Hosch


"I have been marketing online for over 10 years and I really like Prosperity Marketing. For one thing Darren the owner is very honest and he has set up a wonderful downline builder within the site. As for me I consider myself to be a very good marketer. Why? Because I have an excellent manner in bringing people into the program. I am honest, giving and want to help everyone in my downline. It is much more important to me that they succeed than me. If that happens then everyone is happy. I have lived in Thailand for eleven years now and really like it here. The food is great, the people are friendly and the weather is among the best in the world. As for recreation I play golf sometimes, walk a lot and swim most everyday. Originally I am from Vancouver, Canada where I had a prosperous home renovation company. I had always wanted to live in the tropics so when the opportunity came I took it. In closing welcome to Prosperity Marketing and you can rest assured you are making the right decision in becoming a member."
- Terrence Hopkins


"The Prosperity Marketing System is truly an exceptional product for online marketers. It not only provides a medium to promote any other business, but also helps us to earn income from the built in down-line builder. You can never go wrong with sites developed by Darren Olander, built by a marketer for marketers."
- Florence Robertson


"Hey Darren Making money online is about being at the right place, at the right time, with the right people. You have created a simple and EASY to follow system that anyone can start using to build a list and create passive residual income! Thanks For a great system! Coach Cris"
- Coach Cris